Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheryl & Edzil - 101010

Cheryl and Edzil's church wedding was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Penang. it was quite an exciting day as family from all over the world flew in for this event. the 6 children of Gerry Reutens were all united again for this wedding.
pics here are just the cream of the crop, most of you would have see it in FB and in Photobucket. here are the links - Church & Dinner... dont' forget clips on YouTube as well!! :D

my dad, the commentator

the bestmen
walking down the isle

the bridesmaids

"you may kiss the bride"

then after the wedding ceremony, we all headed towards the cafeteria of the church for some refreshments/light lunch. food was good :) yum yum and that was when the cousins started to "pimp" the bridal car for their getaway! lol
later that evening, after everyone has got some rest and changed, the dinner reception was held at the ballroom of Cititel Hotel, Penang. the hotel did a lovely job in decorating the hall. and what made it more special? an painting of the couple by Aunty Esther :D
there were 2 lovely performances by 2 lovely people, Cheryl's friend from Japan that played the ukelele and our wonderful cousin, Kevin, came all the way from Sydney!
both parents dancing the night away....

the family yam-seng-ing together ... a few times actually! LOL

and the night continued with more dancing, macarena-ing and karaoke-ing till time was up and had to go. it was a great nite, lots of food, people, family and laughter.

Wishing Cheryl and Edzil all the best in your new life together and hope to see some juniors soon! :D

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