Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Pizza @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Just Pizza (not it's not just pocket bread, but also pizza and pasta) is located in the basement of Gurney Plaza. was out with Melanie for christmas shopping and we couldn't decide on where to have our early dinner.... sick of fast-foods, chicken places, thai places and jap places, no budget for steaks, weren't into porky dishes... so we saw this place right in the middle of the basement, and thought, hey pizza!!! definately sick of the usual pizza place but this was new, pics were looking good, saw the menu, price also ok. so why not. so we got in, and ordered.

was wanting for some salad, so instead of the usuals, i saw mango salad, so i thought why not, it has strawberries!!! :D the portion was one big plate and it's a good size to share. then they had a promo set, garlic bread + soup (can't remember how much). the garlic bread was nice. crunchy at the sides, soft inside. soup? i'm not a mushroom soup lover, Melanie said it could be better though it had lots of mushroom chunks in it.

then came the pizza. it was a set thingy order a pizza together with coke OR pudding OR cheesecake OR tiramisu for about RM29 (large pizza) or something. we got the cake as the cake was more expensive than the drink.
we ordered Pizza Rino and was surprisingly delicious!!! crust was not too thin and not too bready, enought portion of meats and tomato base.. AND it had a fair amount of cheese!! love it!!! would definately go back to try the other flavours... all in all the bill came up to about RM20+- each.. which his quite ok actually if u think of the quantity and quality.. :)
must go back again! yumm!

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