Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sigi's Bar and Grill by the Beach, Golden Sands, Batu Ferringhi, Penang

i've always heard so much about this place, all the happening ppl, bloggers, Penang celebs tend to hang out here.. but somehow i never got the chance to pay them a visit. now finally an invite from my aunty and uncle from England for dinner was held there, was quite excited :)

Sigi's as i believe, had gone through some renovations earlier (i think the same time the hotel - Golden Sands, had renovations done) so am not sure how different the Sigi's now is compared to the Sigi's then.
when we went in, we were greeted by some friendly staff and a cool interior. there was a mini water pond feature thingy right in the middle of the room, couple tables around it and bigger tables along the edges of the room. on the walls they had frames that looked like they had water in them... nice... nice place for a date ;)
so we sat at a table and started to order. they had food from western (steaks, burgers, pizza and pastas) to local (char koay teow, fried mee...etc) to drinks, cocktails, alco, coffee/tea, juices... good variety i'd say. we had some difficulty choosing our food at that moment. lol!
i had a mango cocktail drink. not sure what was inside but it was sure strong and made me a lil "warm" inside.. lol.. but i think it was the partially opened sliding door (that we sat next to) that had outside warm air coming in :P

somehow uncle and i thought of the same thing to order a prawn appetizer, mine was a grilled/bbq prawn and he had Kataifi wrapped prawns. we both tried each others prawns, and it was lovely. different but lovely pitty it was just appetizers, we only got like 3-4 prawns each LOL (i know, i'm greedy)
aunty ordered a salad, but she wanted it together with her lasagne, so she left it on the table till her mains arrived. for my main, i ordered a pizza, Palm Beach Pizza, why? i don't know, it was impulsive. i never used to order pizza for my main but somehow something told me, when dining at Sigi's you got to try their pizza - hence i ordered a pizza. no regrets, it was quite good, thin base but nice. good to go along with a cold beer ;)

aunty ordered Peppino's Lasagne which looked very cheesy and tomatoey. smelled great too! she said it was good :) big portion for her but in the end i believe she finished it heheheh. and uncle had pasta with prawns and chilly and capsicum - yup he's white and he can eat moderate spicy food :) love those prawn sizes.. worth every penny i tell you!

now comes the dessert, aunty was full and couldn't go on, uncle and i agreed to share, if the portions are small we'll have one each. :D so we asked our waiter what was their famous dessert and he suggested The Bombe!! lol!! with a name like that you'd think u'll have some bomb-alaska type of dessert infront of you! hahaha but what i think we got was a slice from a "bomb"... it's actually made of mango sorbet, white chocolate parfait (still figuring out what parfait is), italian meringue and pine nuts... lovely lovely lovely... and what's funny, ONE slice is enough, two would be pushing it. verdict? uncle and i had one each :P

so, nice place to dine, by the beach, good food (though price can be quite pricey) but with the atmosphere like that, how to say no? :) when u get the chance, got a bonus, special occasion, try out Sigi's sure it'll be worth it... i'd go again!!

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