Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cable Car, Langkawi

i know, this pic is not a pic of the cable car. but infact where the cable car is located, it's like a shopping area, where there's shops, duty-free, restaurants and a park. what this pic is, it's actually the landscaping of the public toilets. LOL... it's when u walk in the public toilet, you are not greeted by toilet cubicles but this nice waterfeature pond thingy, then on the left are your toilets. i went whoa! when i walked in! lol

so once u've done your business, u start walking around and u'll come to a lake where you can go on the paddle boat, go round the lake few times, or have a meal, or spend your money on duty-free stuffs or shop for clothes, get your pictures printed.. etc etc etc... lots to do actually. but when i was there, it was raining. raining so hard tht the Cable Car was temprary closed till the weather was better. since i had a rented car, i went back to the hotel... did some other sightseeing until the sun came out and i went back to try the cable car once again... i was not actually interested in the cable car but more for the hanging/suspension bridge...

so when the weather was better i headed back and good thing the counters were opened. if you do visit here, show them your MyKad to get cheaper entrance fee, if not you'll be charge the normal fee which can be a lil bit more. the gondolas move quite fast so when u get in line, follow the guide's instructions on where to stand and when to get on. key is to NOT hesitate!! if not you'll miss your gondola and got to wait again... it's ok if u're alone, but if u go with friends, u might get left behind! lol

the trip is quite fast and steep. not much movement (unless u move alot in the gondola lah). the time i went, was just after the rain so it was quite cooling. when u head higher, you can actually see the marina bay just below and the Telaga Tujuh (7 wells waterfall) on one side. lovely view :)

there's 2 stops, one is at the middle stop, and the other is the top. the middle stop is at 652.5 meters high. again it was quite cool cause it was after the rain and i'm sure the view is superb... i said "i'm sure" cause i couldn't really see the view. cause it rained earlier, there was a thick fog AND at that height, i was ABOVE the fog! so.. i couldn't see anything below.. all i saw was.. white... only able to catch a few sights and pics of the land below when the wind blew the fog away (which was just for a short while) sigh... AND found out that the hanging/suspension bridge was closed cause of the rain/fog... :(

then at the peak, there were stalls selling drinks, caricature art, t-shirt printing and even foot-reflexology! hahahha but the view again, all you can see is white fog. i was quite dissapointed. there were quite a number of visitors that day when i went (which was a weekday) and it was quite packed. not sure if they were dissapointed as me about the fog and not able to go on the hanging bridge....
anyway, i managed to capture this clip to show how the gondola works and how thick the fog is... enjoy! :) i really got to go back there again to get on that bridge!!!

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