Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Roadhouse Grill @ Jalan Ampang, KL

The Roadhouse Grill is a bar and steakhouse restaurant in Jalan Ampang. It's a bungalow house turned into a restaurant with lots of parking space. Even the interior is quite spacious. Their famous meal on the menu would be the ribs! they say they are open 24/7 for lunch till dinner about 11pm, so i guess if u looking for a bite or just a place to have a beer, this would be a good place
i've been here once before, long long time ago and i thought it was a nice place... the servings were a good portion and i like the cosy casual ambiance... what's the fun thing in this place is that they give u peanuts and u're ALLOWED to throw the shells on the floor.. yes... u heard me, throw the shells on the floor... heheh.. so it's ok to mess around- now that's fun
prices at this place is just like any other grill/steakhouse place - a normal steak would be around RM38 onwards or it's not like it's different...

cheese steak with BBQ sauce

lamb chops with mint sauce

different types of rib-eye steak

the peanuts where u're allowed to throw the shells on the floor


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