Sunday, August 19, 2007


that day when i took leave for nothing, went to mid valley to get some lunch and to do some window shopping... then decided that i needed to "talk"... so since i was free the whole day, i went for some basic detailing..
though when i reached there, there was someone there first and i had to wait abit, but that wasn't an issue, i had good light conversation with the boss - Albert. he was excited in doing my detailing as i'm still new and it was an easy basic job for him, but the end result was spatacular!! even the workers were happy that it turned out wonderful... i was so happy with the result as well!!!
what was done was a wash, vaccum, then there was claying, and 2 types of sealant... the end result was sparkles! like me! hehehhe shimmers! hehehe...
now, it's the after care where i do need to wash as often as possible and it'll stay as "shimmering" as it became! :)
thanks Albert for making it look like a million bucks!

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