Tuesday, August 07, 2007

lil updates

this week, my dept it seems will be 8 years in my company... though it has been 7 in aussie and 1 year here in KL... so the boss is wanting to have a dinner to "celebrate".. we're still discussing where to go but somehow there's no feed back or suggestions.. like as if ppl not interested... then i heard it's supposed to be held this sat... nooooooo..... this weekend i'm going back to see the arabs before they leave on mon... so i won't be in kl for the dinner... i was sooo looking forward for a good piece of steak... sigh....
in other news...

last weekend, the st joseph's church (in Sentul) had a Food and Fun Fair in the grounds - 100 years anniversary... lots of food and games too!! just like a mini carnival.. it was officially opened by Dr Lim (former Minister of Health - former MCA President)... it was the first time i saw him in person..

there was soo much food! the usual burger, kl chee cheong fun, nasi lemak, rice with curry, tosai,chapati, friend chicken, fresh fruits, drink stalls, satay, sandwiches.... fuuh... too much! that was just for the morning/afternoon session! i left around 12pm and i don't know what else they had...

as for games, there was the Dunk Me, light the candle, cannon ball, football, darts, throw the ring,wheel of fortune, electricity rod, golf.... the games we going on and on, there were so many ppl lining up as well

there was a stall that sold second hand stuffs, clothes, art, decorations... and at that stall at a corner, i saw stacks of cds... not any old cds but NEW and ORIGINAL cds man!!! what i got was 2 compilation cds, On the Rocks and Hitz Chart topping hits... and guess how much... RM2 EACH man!!! can u believe that??? wonder where they got it from or who donated it..

i also heard that towards the end there was pony/horse rides... emma and ian had fun going on those rides.. at night before the carnival ended, we went back to church to see the fireworks.. it wasn't too fancy but it was still a lovely sight! and it was just above our heads!

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