Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gwen Stefani @ KL

tomorrow's gonna be a long day... after work i'll be going to Bkt Jalil for Gwen's concert with Pauline!!! yeay!!! can't wait to see Pauline too after soo long...
i'll be driving to work, then.. after work i'll take the LRT to Bkt Jalil... meet Pauline there and will go get our seats... it's in the Indoor Stadium... so is it air con? well i dunno... i haven't been there... too bad my camera is still in the shop... if not i'll sure to take pics wan!
will update more when i get back!


Anonymous said...

hi, No Doubt/Gwen Fan from the UK here:)
just thought id ask,:)
when you have seen Gwens Concert it would be great if you can post us a review on the No Doubt forum so we know how it all went for Gwen.
pictures would be great as well:)if you have time.

vicky(kentfan on the forum)

i myself have a blog that i collect all sorts of info and picture of my favorite people:) No Doubt!!

Shimmers said...


hi... :) ok i'll try to get some pics from my friends mobile, but it's not too clear... we didn't really get those $$$ seats... we were on the upper tier of the stadium...

will update soon.. busy at work.. :)