Thursday, August 09, 2007

in the spirit of turning 50?

u know i take the train to and fro from work every single day.... but today was different.... i walked in the station and i heard noises.... like someone playing the radio but when i started to listen properly.... it was the patriotic song "Jalur Gemilang"... omg!!! my jaw nearly dropped!!!
it was not like it had a good sound, clear cd-like song but like an old tape being played and it was old and scratchy!!!! just like how u'd hear patriotic songs during your school days for Hari Sukan!! hahaha... it was bad!!!
not to say i'm against playing those songs but, at least make the sound system sound BETTER and also, please play different type of songs!! NOT looping the bloody SAME song??!!!
omg... i thank my lucky stars that they DIDN'T play it in the train... i would have killed myself... (but nah... i still have a reason to smile .. heheheh)
so.. err... HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY Malaysia?