Saturday, August 18, 2007

risk taker? NOT

today was a misunderstood day, a VERY misunderstood day.... i was supposed to meet someone who came a long way to see me, but it never happened...

and i even took leave for the meet up.. but somehow plans were not confirmed and somehow information was not passed through as how it was supposed to... (i suspect someone was sabo-ing our information... but that's my point of view)

so because i'm on leave and plans got screwed, i had the whole day to do what? NOTHING!!! yeah!!! so what happened was, i went to mid valley and walked around.. did abit of window shopping, had lunch... and i decided that i do need some company, so i went to the detailing shop and just hung out there till it was time to come home for dinner... (sad ain't it?)

sometimes u feel u need the time alone, to do your own things and to get a clear head, but then, u DO need that company, maybe not company of a familiar person but a stranger.. so that u can just talk about anything else cause that person doesn't know u... so anyway, i just hung out at a place i usually don't.... it was good, i learnt alot of things

maybe i just needed this day alone.. though it would be GREAT if the plans with that person ACTUALLY went through (sheesh... *rolls eyes*...) i'm so pissed.. why the hell did i take leave where i knew there was no confirmation... i NEVER do that!!! i never make a decision before getting the nod from the appropriate ppl!!! it's SO not me i tell you!! gosh!! what have i become? a risk taker?? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA... sigh.. yeah right...

i still don't know if it was a good thing that i had leave today or that i had leave for nothing...

i feel like shit

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