Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Le Borneo @ Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Le Borneo Reflex and Beauty Centre is located in Warisan Square (somewhere above Fratini's Restaurant) in fact it was actually Fratini's Restaurant waiter that handed us leaflets to this place and told us that it was a great place for massages. so we gave it a try the next night. it's quite cheap too .. think it was RM 30+- for full body massage, for 1 hour or something like that? i can't remember.. hahaha

when we walked in, it was very peaceful, dimmed lights and had a lovely smell, it didn't give u feeling of a dodgy place too. ppl were very polite, soft and accomodative. they explained to us every service they had and the difference.... lovely service.

i opt for a half body (upper back) massage. would have loved the full body massage but we went there straight after a days out and did not shower, so yea... but the back massage was quite good. i had a male masseuse which was the first for me, felt a lil uncomfortable but he was quite professional, covered places that was meant to be covered and chatted with me to make me feel more comfortable. that's what i call service, and not getting someone who's doing it with a sour long face and no communication whatsoever.

the girls opt for a leg/foot massage instead cause of walking too much. they loved it!!! their toes were bent, pulled, cracked, ankles and calf were pressed, feet were soaked and rubbed... my my.. i think they were in heaven for a bit... hahahah i believe after that, they could shop another round and they were feeling like were walking on air... nice right?

for cheap yet quality massages, do head down (or up) to Le Borneo at Warisan Square and get pampered, no regrets!! :) i wished we had those prices here in penang... sigh.... lovely just lovely that place....

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