Friday, July 23, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market, Autocity, Juru

Manhattan Fish Market is a fishy place (no pun intended)... all it serves is fish and seafood... maybe the only thing that's NOT fishy is the mushroom soup? hahhaha... anyway, this place is somewat similar to Fish n Co. (though i personally prefer FnC compared to the market)

this outlet that i've been, is the one in Autocity. the interior is quite ok, afew deco hanging here and there and catchy fishing/fish/fisherman phrases. i've been here once, but that was a long time ago. and again i'm here again. i believe both times the food was as good as i remembered. guess i can say, consistency is there.
oh, did you know Chicago Rib House is the same sister company as Manhattan Fish Market? and also together with Tony Roma's! (TR is not in Penang though... ). the menu in Manhattan Fish Market was a spread, different types of fish, prawns and different ways of cooking and even the appetizers and drinks. kinda of a fusion mix i'd say.
so i knew dad was either a vegetarian or fish day (depending on mood) and i brought him here for Father's Day dinner. if u know my dad, u'd know, a simple guy eats simple food.. so he ordered the coriander fish. it came with rice and a slice of lemon and topped the fish was a coriander sauce like, baked in foil. i thought it's good, but abit too bland for me... :P

i, however was super hungry that night, i opt for the seafood platter for 1... i had fish, squid and prawns together with chips AND rice with grilled topping of cream/cheese like sauce on the prawns...

it works when u're super hungry

there was a promotional drink on offer, lemon mint freeze (or was it ice blend). it's a mix of lemon juice with sprite and hint of mint (for the green and taste) and topped with whipped cream... it's kinda refreshing, but not really my kind of drink, i guess it's because of the mint... other than that, it's ok

so if u have a craving for fish, grilled or fish and chips or even seafood in a pan, head down to Manhattan Fish Market, i'm sure there's something for you... but of course, no tom yam seafood or sweet sour crabs or asam prawns lah.. that one, you go to Tambun.. ok? cheaper somemore.. hahahha

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