Friday, July 30, 2010

how 10+ years changes things

usually if you're talking about being friends for 10 years, and u're constantly in touch with them, u won't feel it. u won't feel 10 years is passing you by. or even with your family, it's the same, u see them practically everyday or every week, when 10 years pass, u don't feel it.
this is a lil moment i experienced while helping out at the ice-cream stall at St.Anne's feast.....
ok, before i start, i left school in 1998, which makes that ... omg, 12 years ago.. damn... ok anyway yeah, at the stall, as usual, there were mostly girls who were there helping out. the guys were off and on showing their faces at the stalls. so this girl, i noticed was sort of incharge of the stall, who had a walkie talkie with her, having keys hung round her neck and practically calling the shots around the stall. i shall call her lil boss. so since i'm the noob who just joined, i was feeling awkward standing around and not knowing what to do. so she approached me, introduced herself and got to "training" me... hahahah hey! scooping ice-cream got a way u know, u can't simply just scoop like that... hahaha
so, yea, as we started to talk and make friends, i found out she's just 20 and is still in the youth in church and is working with her aunt... yada yada yada... (and she has an iPhone... malunye for me). then the other helpers got into conversation and i realised it was mostly about school, about exams, about hating teachers and History and Science... then i realised that these girls were still in school! (lil boss obviously has left school but it was only 2-3 years for her and she was much more in sync with them.. nice girl i'd say, very humble) hahaha i'm hanging out with school kids!
at 1st glance, i didn't know they were still in school! hahahha... kids nowadays, do not look their age.... not because of the way they dress (well, yea, it is ONE of the points) but because of how they converse and ... some how, the air that they give out, gives u the impression that they are older than their age, well at least 2-3 years older than they are.
anyway, fine, they were in school, one was still in Form 3 (15 years old) and another was in Form 4 or 5, was not too sure (16 or 17). and what i was impressed with these kids was that they were so active in church, in the choir, helping out, and it seems theat the youth group in this parish are about 40-50 of em!! my my... my time, we were a lazy bunch, u could barely get 20 to organise or join an event! lol... so that's good to hear that about them...
now to my main point, these girls came from my old school and i was curious to find out how my school was doing all these years. it seems now, 90 % of the teachers were Malays and well maybe about 60% of the students as well. they don't really use blackboards anymore, but projectors with power point slides and white boards!! what else, school discipline was not that great either, lots of L cases, until the extent of having CCtvs at the toilet area, alleys, corridoors.... O_O yea, sometimes i wonder, what happened to my school. they even send the student to a "counselor" for talking to a boy outside of school (who was infact a friends brother or something - story i heard). also they would have demerits for using the 4 letter words and finger gestures...!
compared to my time, we didn't know what L was, we only knew bout having crushes on other "athletic" girls, there was no such thing as CCtvs, or power point slide (the most changgih was the projector where words were writen on a piece of plastic over a bulb), and we were scared of boys!!! and i don't think we had such "counselors" in school. 4 letter words? what's that? middle finger? what's that? hahahhaha... such innocence...
i guess my days, eventhough it was in the 90's, there was still some discipline in the students and control in the school but now.... hmm....
so if this could happen after 12 years, how would it be like in the next 10 more years?
helping out at that ice-cream stall did really give me an eye opener, and in some ways, i'm glad to have known lil boss, and some of these girls, they're a funny bunch, which reminds me of me 12 years ago when i was somewat active during the feast. funny how 12 years brings one back to their roots?
weirdly, i felt i had lil sisters around me, and i kinda like it.. too bad it's too late to ask mum for one! HAHAHHAHA..

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