Friday, July 16, 2010

St. Joachim's AIDS Centre, BM

CHOICE Pg English #55 organised a day out with the AIDS patients at St. Joachim's AIDS Centre in BM. a few of the senior CHOICEes joined them as well. we got together to collect daily rations, supplies and toiletries for them too. i hope it helps.
St. Joachim's AIDS Centre is located at the old parish house of St. Anne's Church in BM (next to Kim Seng School on Jalan Kulim). it seems they have just moved in to this place a month ago, and we were the 1st official group to visit them! such an honour! :D

and because they have just moved in, we helped them out in cleaning the windows, change curtains, rooms, office spaces, abit of the outside and at the same time spending some time with the patients.
we even played some board games with them when all work was done. after the board games, we had a fellowship tea break, where the Iron Lady of the house gave us a briefing on what AIDS is and explained how AIDS are transferred and that we do not need to worry or stay away or be afraid of the patients. they're just human like us. don't discriminate.

coincidently it was one of the patients birthday! i do hope she's glad that we were around to celebrate her birthday. and of course after all that eating, we had to take a group pic! thank you CEPG 55 for organising this.

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