Thursday, July 15, 2010

CHOICE Penang #55

once again CHOICE Penang had organised a weekend in May, 2010 for single working adults, ages 21 and above. being a CHOICEe myself, i was curious on what it was like organising a weekend. i knew it would be complicated, lots to arrange and people are needed to work together to make this happen. it's all about team work. so i joined the organising committee and well, all i can say it's a fun, interesting and an eye-opener (if you are the kind to organise such events). preps were done months before the weekend, lots of marketing/roadshow and i believe after the roadshows, people are starting to remember us :) then there's the arrangements for accomodations, food, supplies...etc (don't want to spill anymore beans.. hehehe)
by God's grace, the weekend was a success, though there were a few hiccups here and there, we managed to get through. i do hope the participants had enjoyed themselves and that they have gained something good/new about themselves, God, and the people around them.
upcoming weekend? it'll be next year of course. check out our new blog for updates :D

CHOICE English PG - #55

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