Sunday, July 11, 2010

to smash or not to smash, that is the CHOICE question

old post :P

in march, there was an ad in the church bulletin regarding a badminton tornament and our CHOICEes took up a challenge. thought that we should do something healthier other than always makan makan makan. so the players, took the initiative to book badminton halls and arrange training times and for those who are interested to join, can join.

i used to play lots of badminton with my Bayan Baru childhood friends, but as we grew up, we seldom meet hence stopped playing. i was very rusty, i can't even find my old rackets!! lol

anyway, i did join the rest but just for fun and to sweat it out abit, boy, after the 1st day of training - i was sore to the bone for the next 3 days.. yea yea i know, i'm unfit


after afew practises, we identified who are our players and registered them and let the games begin! it was quite a game!

it was held at IC church badminton hall, and participants came from most of the parishes in Penang. some even came from St.Anne's and NVBM (i think), then there's HSC, IC, OLS...etc. good to see all the youngsters/youth to come together for some badminton fun.

we were on a roll! passing through every game smoothly. confidence level was high, even the spectators were all excited. oh, and i made cupcakes for them as well :D we joined the doubles, mixed doubles and singles. the matches started early in the morning, missed that part of the game but i did manage to catch the last few ones. some were serious, some were relaxed, some were waiting to get home.. hmm...

anyhow, our boys managed to reach the finals! which was a great boost of morale! and even though with all determination, we ended up second, we didn't feel we lost. i believe we gained lots as we made new friends, found out our strengths and weaknesses and just had great fun with friends. and i think that counts the most.

we all promised to continue to train/play badminton after the tornament, but.. hehehe what you think happened? :D

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