Monday, July 12, 2010

food at Pulau Sapi, KK, Sabah

sorry to burst your bubble but no,
we didn't have iguana meat for lunch (though i would like to try some.. :P hahah)
this iguana (and many other iguanas) were the pets of the island - so i think

what we had was a semi-bbq buffet, where some of the dishes was bbq and some were not. pic below was not exactly what we had (cause i don't remember the corn), i think this was for another group of people. anyhow, the food was MARVELOUS!! maybe because after all that swimming and sun, that made us hungry... but, we had like 2-3 rounds!! was really nice.... i let the pics tell you the story... :)

THIS bbq chicken deserve a pic of its own!
it's wonderful!!! yummylicious!

this was just my 1st plate, i went for seconds and they had desserts too! with free soft drinks and ICE! now that's what u call a holiday on an island! what's missing is the alco though.. ahahahha
so lunch was spagetthi, mash potatoes, fried rice, bbq prawn, lamb, chicken, fish and cooked crabs (sweet n sour, i think), salad, coleslaw, satay and desserts were nyonya kuih and cookies (felt like it was Raya!). i do hope if you go on this type of tour u'll experience this type of food that i had. cause when i came back, some friends said they never had such meals in Pulau Sapi, so i'm not sure what was the difference... lucky me! :D (dun jeles k!)

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