Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pulau Sapi @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

i think if u're a Sabahan, and u saw this pic above, u will somehow know what i'll be talking about, a trip to one of the islands
the marina was lovely, looking at all the boats that's parked there and the surroundings with clear water, makes me want to buy a boat for myself, lol! somehow i felt i was not meant to be there, it's like a place for the rich and known people. but anyway, the tour guide took us here to head towards the islands.
apartments? offices? not too sure
a hotel with their own private mini beach
looking back at the marina on the boat heading towards the islands
our first stop was actually at Pulau Manukan for fishfeeding - with your toes... hehehe, somewhat a feet spa but it's not, the fishes just go for the bread, not your toes. water was very clear, cooling, just wished i could jump in! hahah but that was not our actual stop. so after bout 10 mins or so we left for.... Pulau Sapi
and here we are, at Pulau Sapi, the scenery was breathtaking, water was crystal clear, the sand was white.. my oh my! just lovely! couldn't wait to soak myself in the water and bask in the sun.

the main "hut" where i think registration is done for scuba dives and underwater rides and i think even water rides, but we went on a "tour" so everything is kinda taken care of for us.. which is nice, all we had to so is have fun! lol

just beautiful right? we did some snorkeling, walks on the beach, naps under the shades, sun bathing on the beach and in the water, cam whoring and EAT!! i'll save the food for another post :D

so, Pulau Sapi or Manukan is a must do in Sabah! can't say much bout Sipadan as i've yet to go there but yea, it'll be great if we got to stay at Sapi for the whole day, but it was a half day tour thingy. i definately enjoyed myself there and got a tan! yeay!!! i'll be back Sabah!!

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