Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dum dee dum dum...

here i am staring at this blank white "new post" page in blogspot, wanting to blog (properly) other than write reviews and pics, BUT, i've no idea what to blog about. too much needs to be in consideration, to be censored, to be carefully thought out clearly as to NOT offend my readers. yes, that's the delima i get everytime i want to blog.
*think happy thoughts, positive things, joyful events*
ok ok ok.. lets try this...
again, i won't blog bout work, cause it's not worth it... bottom line, is anyone HIRING??? (yes it deserves the BOLD and the bigger font) and oh yea, i'm now changed to normal shift (can't remember if i've blogged about it or not). i'm now like you normal people, working mon-fri, 9am -6.30pm and yea, i'm now off on the weekends! yeay?? well... i'm missing my 3-4 days off per week... that's what i miss.... and now i have to get up early every day! sigh... ok ok *happy thoughts* (it's quite hard to do that u know)
there's been lots going on in my circle of friends (ok, need to be sensitive here), events have occured, things has been said and done, and that has brought out the hidden side of all of us to see. some may not know how to deal with that "hidden" side, some tend to run away, some thinks it's a no biggie, but whatever it is, we all managed to come around, explained ourselves, and be better friends. mind you, lots of tears been shed but i believe by going through all this, we are better friends and KNOW how to deal better with each other, when it's needed. now, isn't that a good thing? :D *GROUP HUG*
alright so i don't know bout you, but my 2nd half of the year, 2010, is filled with weddings. and it started off with a BANG!! it's one of my longest good friend's wedding, a very unique Peranakan wedding (church wedding in June, dinner in July). then up coming is 2 hens night, and i think 4 weddings (sorry my organiser is not with me - it's in the car... don't ask) all spread out till November. AND..... get this, in between there's St. Anne's Feast, trip to Kuching, 12 year old birthday bash and mini road trips here and there (also maybe a HK trip somewhere as well!!) yup, pretty packed. somehow the universe sort of knew and is taking advantage of me being on normal shift (weekends AND public holiday OFF!!) hahahahha *perasan-nye*
so how am i? i can say that all these hecticness has helped - LOTS. having my mind off "certain things" has helped me to move on. i know i'm better well off now compared to before, i know now more of what i want and what tickles my fancy. it all boils down to the people around me and i'm glad that they are (around me that is). so BRING IT ON! CHALLENGE! (but make sure i have enough sleep la, i'm lack of it now... hahahah)
now how's that for a post?

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