Monday, July 19, 2010

Ingolf Kneipe @ Tg Bungah, Penang

couldn't get enough of Ingolf, luckily the girls decided to go there. i've already made up my mind to try the other meats (other than the sausages). as usual, because it's a saturday, we had to make reservations first. it was packed when we got there and there were people lining up to get in as well. i understand the situation, ppl love the food (and drinks) here.

when u step in the restaurant, the bar greets you, and mind you, it's a full bar. so u're spoilt with choices! "our friend" was already O_O looking at the bar and she said, she was thinking of what cocktails she could make with all that liquor if she had it at home with her... call that a true bartender or just an alcoholic? hahahhaha *joking*
our table was upstairs (actually felt like sitting on the ground floor to see the action) but it's much cooler upstairs and well.. we sort of chased a few customers downstairs with our noise! lolhow could u NOT resist drinking Paulaner when you're at a German restaurant? u can't! temptations are too great... unfortunately, the beer gets warm fast, and i dun like warm beer, hence i got to quickly finish it before it gets warm = got lil bit tipsy...

beef roll!! it has awesomesauce! i could just lick the whole plate!

set dinner - hash brown, pork chops and mushrooms

Butcher's mix platter (huge portion, need to share with people)
somehow these sausages were better than mine when i came here the first time.
i was SUPER hungry, i needed a meal to myself (the other meals were shared) and i had the Julian's Mixed Grill.... lovely, JUST lovely!

we also had a few servings of sauces, mushroom and onion sauce... it was quite nice, but i think it'll be better with the beefroll sauce or bbq... :) and there was side dish of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes and lots of salads (one can not have too much salads).. we had a difficult time finishing the food but after lots of laughter and chats, we managed to finish it... mind you, we had a cake to cut later!! O_O (we're such pigs!!)
now that i had a bite of the beefroll, my next trip to Ingolf, i know what to order already!! :D

for the many years Ingolf Kneipe has been opened in Penang, i sometimes wonder WHY i've not been to that restaurant before. location? don't think so, company? i doubt... somehow, i never step foot in this place.
so the opportunity came whereby i was given the privilage to choose a restaurant and this time i made it a point that i step in this restaurant. did lots of googling of course and survey with friends on what is best to have there, but, it all depends on you - everything sounds yummy!! (imagine the headache i had reading the menu! hahahah)
i managed to make a reservation (as it gets busy during the weekends) and our table was upstairs, quieter from the noise and crowd downstairs. the upstairs was simple, few tables and chairs, there's a bar as well and lots of photo frames on the walls. scenes of Germany? i wouldn't know

after some difficulty in deciding on what to eat, we had some German beer to start of with. it's my 2nd time having Paulaner (my 1st was in a German restaurant in The Curve). kinda like this beer :) think we had seconds... before dinner arrived, err but... i can't remember now, was having too much fun :)oohh then the soup came, it was Oxtail Soup! mum will love this i tell you! the meat was tender, the cut-up veg was not too soft/soggy and also not too hard - just nice. not too spicy yet not too bland. even the bun that came with it was warm and fluffy (can bread be fluffy? hehhe). again, it was so good, we had seconds... LOL and were full after that already...
now i didn't really take proper pics as we were excited to try these German dishes... we had pork sausages and sauerkraut, with mashed potato and fresh salad by the side also with a blob of mustard. i'm not a fan of mustard but i did try some, it did somehow give the bite a lil "surprise" to the taste. i thought this dish would do better with some sauce... was kinda dry in someways... so i stole some sauce from the other dish we had...

... which was pork braised in special sauce with red cabbage and fresh salad.. also with a blob of mustard on the side. do Germans actually eat mustard? i thought it was an American thing? do correct me if i'm wrong. this dish was much better to my liking, the sauce was awesome - as the foodies say it in the blogs - awesomesauce!!! whatever the sauce is made from, it was just lovely.

i was tempted to be greedy to have desserts after this but we were stuffed, we were porked-out! LOL... so to end a lovely meal, instead we opted for a lovely...
Oh No! beer.... hahahah that's what the waiter told us. it's pronounced as Oh No... so imagine, me = 2 Paulaners (i think) + pork + Oh No! = stupid, lame, Oh No! jokes :D

good times, good times... so, Ingolf Kneipe has a part in my happy-memory bank! so if u peeps out there looking for a nice, casual place to hang out with a good laugh, good food and drinks? make sure u head to Ingolf, u'll feel like home, yet u're not :) enjoy!

~oh btw, it's located in Tanjung Bungah, opposite Sandybay Paradise Hotel and Flamingo Hotel, prices are reasonable for a German restaurant but don't expect anything below RM10... ~


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite places in Penang while studying. Fantastic frankfurters.

- Sadat

Shimmers said...

hey sadat!
thanks for dropping by.
it was good to be back in penang at least for a while eh? :D