Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

a good place always deserves a second (or more) visits. and that's what i did, a 2nd visit. this dinner was supposed to be a funfilled nite out with the girls, but in the end it became a discussion/meeting type of outing, but that's another story to begin with. ANYWAY, i was excited going back to Chicago again. i could still remember the juicy, tender, meats i had.
so this time, we went in a big group, bout 10 of us and was glad i managed to try the other dishes. we all shared :)

appetizer of chicken, mushrooms, potato skin (with cheese and cream for dip)
asian salad with grilled salmon - yum meh!

they call this the black fish - the fish flesh it not black, just that the seasoning made it look black and burnt, but it's actually not :D though it's a lil bit salty....finally managed to try the other desserts - i'm not a caramel fan, but this was quite nice, just had a bite or two as i was quite full after all that food.. heheheh
(the piece underneath the ice-cream? that's a cookie!)

my second trip was a tad dissapointing. i think it's because it was World Cup month, matches were shown, restaurant was full and lack of staff, hence a lil below par of their quality of food. the ribs were still nice but maybe that day's butcher had a skinny pig/cow, the ribs didn't have much meat on the bones, then as i said earlier on, the fish was abit salty. also the bottomless fruit juices were watered down.. so hopefully service and quality would be better when it's not too busy... i don't know, another excuse to go there again? ahaks!

(posted in May 2010)

finally i've set foot in Chicago Rib House, now at Gurney Plaza. i like their new menu, before, it was just one piece of cardboard - front and back, now - few pages = more food! lol oh and kids eat for free! wished i was a kid.... :P
the interior is simple, much smaller than their previous outlet in Juru Autocity though. don't be fooled by the lack of customers in my pics. #1 i was there early, #2 it was on a weekday... so by 1pm the whole place was packed!! every single table was full, including the outside tables! so yea, food is THAT good i tell you.

the staff is very friendly, the one we had, spoke to us like we were old friends, joking and teasing, and that's what i call good service. we didn't even have to wait long for our food - or maybe the waiter was distracting us, hahahha... i don't know but i sure didn't feel it was a long wait :)

it was a couple of days before Mother's Day and since i went with my mum, they had given her their Mother's Day drink (it was not in the menu - i think), it was more of a lemon/orange with sprite type of drink. i had some mix of cranberry juice, lemon and sprite. it was ok for me as well.

the soup of the day was Chicken Noodle soup. it's one of those soups where u have them when u were a kid and when u were sick. i'm not that into clear soups, so mum tried it. she said it was quite nice. not that salty and not that sour, just nice.

then came to the appetizers - Potato Skin, not sure why it was on the house but i'm glad that it was! and it was lovely too!! lovely touch to the potato and it goes well with the sour cream which was very light. good way to start the tummy for the good stuff! the veg too was very fresh and crispy - i like!

we KNEW portions were huge, so we just ordered one dish - their famous Combo meals. their Combo meals are Pork Ribs + (lamb or chicken or fish or steak) same as Beef Ribs + (lamb, or chicken or fish or pork...etc) not too sure the exact combination of what they have...

anyway, what we got was Pork Ribs with lamb. my oh my... the pork just fell off from the bone, it was succulant, juicy, fresh and the lamb as well!! luckily they gave 2 lamb chops - if not there'll be a mother and daughter fight! LOL. this dish came with 3 types of sauces - Honey BBQ, Spicey BBQ and i think Smoked Original BBQ (or something like that)... i was too busy enjoying my meal to remember the names of the sauces! i still haven't found my fav sauce!! it goes well with EVERYTHING!!! i kid you not! you just have to go and try it for yourself.

are you still there? or are you on your way to Chicago now? hahahhaha....

now, as for desserts, i would have ordered their famous shot-glass mini desserts, but i wanted to try their new desserts in the menu. now if you like carrot cake - this one is quite nice. it didn't come with the usual cream cheese topping, but a sugary paste/sauce like topping. the cake itself is not sweet and if u want abit of sweetness, u can eat it with the sugary topping, if not just scrape it off. the cake is full of carrots and stuffs (like nuts, raisins...etc) and i thought it was something new which was good, other than the normal choc molten cake, cheese cake and such...

so, convinced yet? hahaha well if you do decide to try them out, make sure u go with a few people, so that you can share a plate or two and share the bill as well, unless you are a big eater and doesn't like to share.. hahaha... whatever your fancy is, do have a try. u'll be wanting for more... i'm just waiting for another excuse to go there again - who's birthday coming? :P

(ooh ooh.. and i heard they'll be opening another outlet at the Marina Park, near the Jetty... don't tell anyone you heard it from here ok?)


stephen said...

You know, after seeing the pics in your blog about chicago ribhouse in May, i made i made it a point to go to the one in gurney.It turned out to be the wrong one- it was chicago ripoff! The black fish was very salty i couldn't finish it and the ribs were hopeless, so little meat!! That will be the first and last time i will be going there ever!!Service wasn't top notch too and they weren't even busy at that time.

Shimmers said...

oh well... as the saying goes "new broom sweeps well".. so i guess it was better when they first opened and it was downhill from then on...

i too noticed that the ribs were "skinny" and i did say the black fish was salty.. so yeah....

though i still love the salads though