Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fratini's Restaurant @ Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

one of the girls were saying that this place had the best melted chocolate pudding ever!!! and it was "somewhere" in Warisan Square and they saw it while they were shopping - i was a lil sick in the hotel so i didn't follow them for shopping, i didn't get to see the place.
anyhow, after the tour, we insisted we go find this place before we leave KK for good. we were searching high and low for this shop - everyone was tired and blur and lost their bearings.. hahahha poor things and i just follow them blindly. and eventually we found it! wooo hoooo!!

it was kinda late around 9+pm and there were nobody in the restaurant - we were hoping that they were not closed yet and good thing too! they were OPEN!! yes!! so all of us (12 of us mind you) noisily entered and made ourselves at home and started drooling over the menu... hahaha then, the orders came... a few of us had the choc pudding, the rest wanted to try something else... it was gorgeous!

would love to try their meals one day but we were running out of time, so desserts it is! its alil pricey though but heck, for good food, u can't be kiamsap... hehehehe

peach melba

coffee latte? or was it hot choc?

did u see all that goodness ah? oh my oh my....
(btw this is a warm dish)

vanilla pudding - nice and creamy and smooth

orange pancake - light and fluffy :D
so if u want some dessert to indulge in, with clean, air-con premise (we noticed KK was very very hot!) you can try out Fratini's - they sure to put a smile on your face :D


Anonymous said...

thanks for liking fratini's.. our 50% off to all menus is still on going. we would like to invite you again for another extraordinary, satisfying meal..

Shimmers said...

oh hello!!
i would love to try the other dishes at your restaurant, but i'll have to make another trip to KK! :) i'll definately go there again when i make that trip