Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my first Peranakan Wedding

it was such great news to hear that one of my good ol friend was to get hitched, now we all can say, FINALLY! and i can say...

Wishing you both all the best, many years of love and joy and juniors!
May God's Blessing be with you both!
team "ben" arrived in KL the day before the wedding and the kancheong-ness started by helping the groom to get last minute things done. by the time the day ended, we were all beat, but there's nothing better than ending it with a good meal with great friends and well... a football match. lol
and so THE day came and we were all briefed with our duties and ETA to the church. we managed to get our jobs done and started to get excited as the clock was ticking... the groom was nervous (and i heard the best man too!!). managed to get some pics taken before the wedding ceremony started :)
with lovely Rosie
jeng jeng jeng... team "liann" arrived! right on time and she was dashing! here's a pic with her lovely bridesmaid in green. their theme was a nice combination of olive green and cream (or issit called off-white?) surprisingly the bride didn't look nervous at all, infact she was all smiley and happy and laughing!! which was good! :D
the church ceremony was lovely, very meaningful, very matrimonial (is there such a word) and if i was seated closer, i would have teared.... :) and what a surprise Ben had in store for me (he kept it from me all these months), it was that my cousin, Luke, was invited as well! connection with RCIA! coolness!! it's been a while since i met him and it was good to catch up for a lil while. after the wedding ceremony, there was a lil tea reception at the field next to the church. LOVELY food, met mutual friends and found out that the world IS very small... :)
cousin Luke
the Penang dinner was after about 2 weeks from the KL one, and we were getting more excited!! the dinner was a Peranakan theme and because of the uniqueness, i (particularly) was excited heheheh. we were all helping the couple again the day before the dinner, kaypoh-ed their wedding shoot for a bit and we even had a meeting regarding our duties! very organised i'd say! every single detail was spelled out.
... and then the day arrived, everyone got dolled up, arrived early for our duties and the guests started to arrive. again, meeting lots of mutual friends, lots of picture takings, hugs, laughter and excitement :)

one of the official photographers/friend of the groom/mutual friend - Dan

one half of the power couple of team "ben" - Christine

Mr. & Mrs Capel :)

fellow Dugongs!

dinner started with style, food presentation by the E&O staff and slide shows. food was great! can u believe it, it was Nyonya food! lovely just lovely! something you don't really get at normal wedding dinners! then the speeches started, very heartfelt and comical at the same time! such lovely family... and a surprise for the guests! a walk-in by all the "nyonyas" in kebaya!

dinner ended with lots of merry making and yamseng-ing. the couple had another surprise for their guests again! their door-gift! guess what it is (pic above). so aunthentic la i tell you!! really peranakan!! what a night to remember!

when the dinner finally ended, close friends of the couple headed to the after party, to give thanks to the people who helped and supported them and also to give a special tribute to the matchmaker who introduced them :) so sweet!!!

with my cousin Simon who came all the way from Aussie land!

Girly, moi, Rosie, LiAnn, MeiShyen

KarJin, Simon, LiAnn, MeiShyen, Ben, moi
*obviously there were much more pics but these are the more decent ones.. hehehe

KUDOS! to the BenLiAnn for planning both KL and PG events. very thorough, detailed and most importantly unique and beautiful! love the creativity and the thought of being environmental friendly made it different. Thank You for the lovely experience and having me to join you in celebratating this wonderful moment in your lives! *lots of hugs*
ps- maybe i should hire you as my wedding planner.. IF i get married one day lah... hahahha

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Jacky said...

The newly wed looks great! Hehe... I have not attended any peranakan wedding. :)

By the way, do drop by my blog to have look, thanks ya!