Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DAY5 - TakeBackTheTech

i had this conversation long time ago with a guy (i'm so sad that he's my friend) he said that the reason girls get raped is because they wear sexy skirts, wear their hair sexy and with makeup with high heels... if they wore a more covered up attire, they wouldn't get raped..

uh.. i mean WTF? hellooo..... girls who get raped are not ALL dressed like that... u also get housewives, old aunties, children getting raped, and would they be dressing like that? any female has the risk of getting kidnapped and raped, be it shopping at malls, going to church, watching a movie, exercising at the gym, having a walk in the park, driving, waiting in a post office... anywhere la... there's the risk of a bloody stupid idiot forcing u someplace and raping... so there's no difference if u're wearing a short skirt or not...

so, to the men out there who thinks girls who wear short skirts have a higher risk of getting raped, it's so wrong... u should broaden your mind sikit and see that that's not the only reason rapes happen ok!! rapes happens because men can't control their stupid egoistic urges...

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