Monday, December 25, 2006


i don't know why i'm all so excited about, not that it's happening for me... but it's CHRISTMAS!!

i'm trying to be positive as possible cause this year is different cause he's not here.... anyway, weird right, here i am, at midnite, doing my HOMEWORK and blogging at christmas.... and mum's watching the christmas Quickie at 8tv.... nice eh.... sigh...
thought of going out tonight but, 1-lazy, 2-reluctant to call ppl to go... cause i'm assuming, they have happening midnite parties to attend... but oh well, at least i managed to get half of my question answered, tomorrow i shall try to finish the rest before the PAR-TAY begins!!!
so to you...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
This year of writing has been quite different, so many things has happened with many ups and downs. Whatever it is, blogging will always be one of my space to let out my feelings. All i ask for, is just for an ear.
May this year bring you lots of LOVE, JOY, FRIENDSHIP, SMILE to your faces, great SUCCESS, wonderful OPPORTUNITIES and HAPPINESS wherever you are.
Thank You for being there for me, encouraging me in my decisions and loving me - i really appreciate it.
Love you!

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