Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas clubbing!

in front of SOHO AutoCity

clubbing last night was weird.... i was with great company but the place sucked... though it's just 5 mins away from home, it sucked... cause they had a sucky DJ, sucky songs and sucky "ppl" and sucky atmosphere.... sad to say, it was bad compared to the clubbing scene in penang... i guess ppl are used to going over to penang to club and it will be weird clubbing here on the mainland...

it seemed there will be a countdown here at AutoCity for NewYears eve... hope from then onwards the clubbing scene here at AutoCity will be better.... sad man.. i'm so dissapointed! sigh... oh well... there's always KL clubbing and Penang clubbing... for now, AutoCity clubbing - notchet

my girls

drinks were not that bad... though some waitress forgot our orders and HAD to get our own... sucky right? anyway, we managed to enjoy ourselves when the CORRECT song were played and just enjoyed each others company.... it was good to meet up with sharon and beechoo again, it felt like home.... love u girls lots!

Sharon, BeeChoo, Janice and moi

sharon brought her sister along and her cousin and friend... and beechoo brought her sister janice along too... so we DID have a good crowd....

with Bekky

with Fabian-on the left and Frank (i think that's his name)

we left the club bout late 1-ish cause we couldn't stand the songs that were played.... beechoo and sis went back... but the rest of us went to mamak (like how most clubbers do, eat after clubbing to sober up... not THAT i was high... *rolls the eyes*) bottom line, it was a good night because of the wonderful company, but the atmosphere COULD have been better... will need to think twice going there again - SOHO AutoCity...


Geraldine said...

HEHE. It's Henry not Frank :D. Have a Holy Xmas!! n a Happy New Year.

Shimmers said...

uh.. y e a... henry... HAHAHAHAH... totally forgot!

Merry Christmas geraldine!

the animagus that is me said...

excuse me excuse me, the stupid idiot in question is...HENDRY, not Henry, like its sooooo normal.

Hahahaha Frank. Where the hell did THAT come from?