Tuesday, December 12, 2006

going without a map

i have a map, a map i trusted, it guided me to the right places, the right way, some smooth roads some kampung roads, though i sometimes don't know how to fold it back, it was there for me when i got lost, so much so, i may look at it too many a times that i couldn't be bothered to remember myself how to get there.... but now somehow the map showed a wrong way, though i may not remember the way myself or never been down that road before, i feel the new way that the map is showing is a wrong way. because i thought highly of this map, i somehow feel very confused, dissapointed and sad that this is happening... so now, i'm lost.... i shall learn to make my own map, or... have to learn to go without one... but i'll always cherish this map in my heart

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