Monday, December 04, 2006

DAY9 - TakeBackTheTech

why is it wrong for women to succeed in something? it's like if a girl succeeds in school it's because she bodeks the teacher? of if a girls gets the promotion, she's sleeping with the boss? or if a lady manages a business, it's because she inherited the company?
why can't women just have the success on their own? their own blood, sweat and tears? why must there always be a reason or a story behind her success?
we ARE capable of doing it whether we have the support of our fellow male species or not... and i believe the we HAVE the talent, the confidence and the support to be what we want... with or without the presence of males.....
so to all women out there, if u dream of opening your own bakery, DO IT! if u dream of setting up a business, DO IT! if u dream of becoming the best even planner, DO IT! or if u dream in becoming whatever you desire, just GO AHEAD and DO IT... don't let anything stop u, not even men!!

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