Monday, December 04, 2006

DAY8 - TakeBackTheTech

once i had an email forward, very long long time ago when i was in school, it said
walk with someone who's not that beautiful and other ppl will notice that YOU are the more beautiful one...
at first, i thought this would work, especially when i was not one-of-those-girls that get second glances from boys....not that i went looking for ugly friends to walk with, but instead i realised that they were using me for that reason!!! O_O
but what i'm trying to say is, why do men just look at beautiful/pretty/skinny wow-type figure girls? what is wrong with us average ppl? we too are females.... it's the world today, discriminates looks... if u're pretty, skinny, have flawless skin, u're accepted... if not, we belong to the "same" type of ppl? i guess this happens both ways men towards women and women towards men... but it's so much obvious when men gives a second look to the prettier girl standing next to you and at the same time ignore you and is at seems u were never there in the first place.

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