Wednesday, December 06, 2006

DAY12 - TakeBackTheTech

there are many ways in spreading this message over... TakeBackTheTech has listed out something to do each day for the 16-day campaign... check this out. though i may not have followed these steps, but at least i stuck to blogging about this for 12 days! hehehe got 4 more days to go...

Wish your friends a good "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women"!

Change your email Signature - instead of the usual stuff you put at the bottom of your emails, add something about violence against women for these 16 days

Find a cyber café near where you live, and invite their many users to think about violence against women. Change the first thing they see by changing the computer's homepage/wallpaper.

Snap a picture. Change how women are currently defined in digital spaces. It can be anything, from a piece of clothing to writings on the wall to the picture of your seriously weird best friend.

Snap a picture of an abuser or perpetrator.

Think of someone who has told you s/he wished to know how to do something in relation to technology. It can be a friend, a colleague, a family member, or someone from a mailing list. Contact them, and offer to do a step-by-step tutorial on how to do something that is technology related. Come up with a simple project together.

Spend half an hour surfing the internet, and look for information or websites that will help others take control of technology to counter violence against women. When you've found them, bookmark then and share them through

Tell your story. Use technology to amplify your voice.

Make videos that can interrupt violence against women.

Change your status message to something thought-provoking in your network of contacts - MSN, Yahoo Messanger, ICQ etc.

Call up your local radio station and suggest a topic that they can discuss, or as a call-in listeners opinion poll. Podcasting - record your programme and upload them -- usually as MP3 files -- onto a server.

If you use instant messengers to chat online, or blog, or have your presence on other kinds of digital spaces (e.g. myspace, friendster, etc.), change your icon for the next few days until the last day of the campaign - 10th December.

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