Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deluxious Spa Cuisine - visit #2

Deluxious Spa Cuisine is where you can have a massage, pamper yourself with some spa treatments and then head downstairs for a good meal and some drinks (there's even a live 2-piece band for entertainment). my first time as my previous post HERE and this would be my 2nd time here. it was for one of my good friends Hen's Night out. will blog about that later.. :P

we (the girls) had a massage earlier on and then changed for a fun night out. dinner was of course downstairs and we all had a Dinner Set each. the set includes a Salad + Soup + Main + Dessert. the price of the set depends on the Mains that you choose.

smoked salmon salad

potato soup?




BBQ chicken and grilled prawns - loved it!

pasta & prawns

panna cotta & mango
1st time trying this and i quite like it, especially with the mango sauce.
it really goes well, could have 2-3 of those.. it's sooo tiny

dinner was quite good, though the servings for mains could be a lil bit bigger. we are all sort of big eaters and well, we could have more, but after the soup, salad and desserts and wine and lots of talking, we got abit full as well. :)
so Deluxious is a place to wine and dine with good company and maybe sort-of-good music heheheh. try it out for your special occasions, sure to be a day/night to remember :)

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