Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(D)on a(n)d (A)nne - getting hitched

i had to make a dash to KL for an interview (which i didn't get it btw) and crashed with Carol (from CHOICE KL) for the weekend. surprisingly THAT night, she was hosting a bachelor + bachelorette party for Don and Anne (DnA) - KL CHOICEes.
i felt paiseh for crashing their party (it was pot luck too) so i thought i'd make them my cupcakes :D these ppl are so nice and welcoming - felt much love! heheheh
i met some familiar faces whom i met at the Melaka conference and some who came to Penang for our CHOICE weekend. so it was good to see them again. and of course first time meeting the other CHOICEes and the couple

everyone brought something to makan and there were LOADS to eat, lovely home made char siew, sheppards pie, curry, hawker food, satay, chutney, rice, fried chicken, fruits ...etc surprisingly, it was nearly gone at the end of the night - big eaters! good good! oh we had drinks as well ;)
after dinner, the games began for the couple. started out with questionairs regarding both of them for both of them, to find out how much they know bout each other - that was hilarious but the questions was GOOD, good job evette!! sweet girl. then there were other games which is not appropriate to be mentioned here... :D
finally "cake" cutting time, gift giving and speeches and pics and chit chat (these ppl are HILARIOUS!!) and well the cake was actually my cupcakes la... glad they all liked it :)
it was great to have met you Don and Anne and am really sorry for missing your wedding. hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. Wishing you all the best and a wonderful future together. hope to see u both soon :D *hugs*

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