Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Peranakan Mansion, Penang

my mum and i got hold of the Little Nyonya series on DVD (thanks to my Godma in KL). and we were really hooked on it. i noticed that certain scenes of the houses were shot in the Penang Peranakan house! it's easy to spot the green house. since then i was looking forward to go visit the mansion
so it was mum's birthday, i thought i'd spend the day with her out "sight seeing" and i brought her to the Peranakan Mansion in Georgetown Penang. we were like two kids pointing here and there saying "hey that's in the show... oh here's what she (the actress) did... there's what happened when...etc etc" hahahha
the place closes at 5pm and we sort of had to rush.. we finally reached about 4.45pm or so, thought they'd stop us but they still let us in. entrance fee is RM10 that includes a guide througout the house and a drink (water) at the end of the "journey".

this is the "womens" room where the ladies gether to chit chat, play choo ki and chew sireh while the men smoke cigars and talk business in the other room

there's 3 dining rooms in this house, the Western room (pics above), the Tok Panjang and the Oriental room

love these stairs...
(nowonder many wedding pics are taken in this venue)

olden days face powder, perfumes...etc

the family's ancestral hall
(the decendants still come back to pay respects to their ancestors during festive seasons)

pathway from the main house to the kitchen/maids rooms
(love the green)

the middle of the house

looking up to the 2nd floor

hanging out infront of the dining rooms - Tok Panjang behind us

gold plated door frames

at the Tok Panjang
we missed the cutlery lay out - they have already kept it away since it was closing time

infront of the main hall

the hand carved doors where the nyonya girls would peep through to see who's at the main hall
(peep to see who are their potential husbands? hehehe)

outside the house

i didn't really take pics of the rooms upstairs, there were too many things to see with detail and the tour guide was quite in a hurry to show us around (closing time?)... so i guess if i wanted to spend more time looking at the things and rooms and displays, need to go again with at least a few hrs at hand to enjoy it.

so to those who are into cultural, art, history, family trees, i think u'll find this place facinating :) it's a Must-Do in Penang!

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