Friday, October 01, 2010

Hawkers #2 & #3 in Kuching, Sarawak

cari makan #2! this was after the trip to Sarawak Cultural Village and i was quite hungry... there were some confusion with the other mini groups, no one knew where they were eventhough they had locals with them.. in the end we managed to find each other. by that time, this was the only coffee shop that was still selling food... unfortunately there was no more kolok mee...

again, i have no idea where this is but i know it's somewhere around our hotel - Tune Hotel and the malls. this place was opposite a christian bookstore. what was left was this, kueh chap and sarawak laksa. i've tried the kueh chap and i thought it was something like bak kut teh but with hor fun inside. not a fan of herbal stuff. but i think it's quite good anyway. the girls said it was good (or maybe they were just too hungry... heheheh)

i had the sarawak laksa. first glance, it wasn't too exciting, it was not like the one i had the night before. but when i mixed it up and tried it, it was waaayyyy better than the one i had. so tht's quite good. this one was more towards Penang curry mee (which i actually like) however the prawns in this one is a lil bit smaller, but still no complaints there... :)

now u'd think the next place was done the next day... actually... NOOOooooooo..... we went back to the hotel, freshen up and came out again to eat!!! cari makan #3!!! goodness!! this time it was in town where the food court was in a triangular shape next to a mall and old shop lots.

our hosts ordered us this siew mai... i was thinking, how special can this siew mai be? oh.. btw it's called siew bee in Kuching. anyway, once i tried, i thought it was very good!!! it's FILLED with pork and it's huge!! not like what we get here, smaller and more pastry/flour taste than meat... because the ones here are huge, it can be quite filling...

and... i just HAD to try this kolo mee, i heard it's one of the best in town. and i agree, it's much more better than the one i had the night before.... more oomph and taste. it's really different from the Penang wantan mee. here, the red chillies are soaked in vinegar not tou yu (soya sauce) like normal.... so it's something different. so yea.. i FINALLY tasted good kolo mee.... :D happy!

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