Friday, December 19, 2008

Deluxious Spa Cuisine

i've been passing this place a few times and never had the chance to go... then one day mum saw their ad in the local paper - RM88 for massage and meal.... so we thought it was a good deal and on my off day (needed a rest from all the christmas preparation) we come down to the island and tried this out.
its in one of the old huge bungalow houses that they converted to a spa/massage upstairs and downstairs is their cafe/pub like outlet. it's the christmas season so the place was decorated with trees, fake snow and all...

it's known that we shoudln't go for a massage with a full stomach so we went ahead with the massage first. the spa was upstairs so we had to take off our shoes at the entrance and climb up the stairs...

we were greeted with smiling faces and friendly introduction of themselves, the spa, the services and their packages... the RM88 was not listed anywhere so mum had to ask bout it, only then they agreed that there was such thing. it's inclusive of semi-body massage (legs and back) and given voucher of RM8.80 for meals downstairs. since we haven't eaten at the cafe before, we didn't know what was offered or what was the prices. anyway, compared the RM88 package with the ala-carte packages in the brochure - this one is more cheaper...

they gave us green tea in the mean while - but i didn't like it. it seems they have only about 4 indonesian girls for massage, they also have facials where in the lobby obviously is trying to sell facial products and Haagan Daz ice-cream... have no idea why..

wanted to try to sneak in the camera for our session but the girl was following us everywhere, showing us where the locker room is, washrooms (they have jacuzzi in it with power shower) and brought us to our room. they only have a single bed room and the other rooms are couple rooms...
the room was simple, minimal decoration... and bit dark.... when our session started, it was abit warm, i had to ask the girl to bring down the temperature abit as it was quite warm... i think they set it to 25 or so....
what we had was bamboo massage where they used different sized bamboo for different parts of the body.... we had to strip till out nickers and lied on our stomach. they did our legs (toes till waist/thighs) and our backs (abit of arms too)... and this was my first time they actually "cracked" my back bone... u know like how you crack your knuckles, its the same thing, but this is cracking the back bone...
i still had pain on my shoulders (no thanks to lousy chair at the office) so my girl had to do a few mins extra on it - man it hurts.... she said i got lots of "angin" and need to do more massage to "fix" my shoulder.... sigh... thanks alot to the lousy chairs!
once we're done, we headed straight downstairs and ordered - i was hungry!

the menu was filled with wine lists and set meals.. set lunches and dinners with different prices... the cheapest was RM19.90 set lunch.... which means..... the voucher was not enough....

expensive mineral water

pineapple and orange juice - buy one free one

out of shape buns

i had spicy chicken

mum had black pepper

all i can say food is good, ambience was nice... it's a place where you can have private parties, weddings, birthdays... in a fine dining way... will i come back here again? maybe.. it depends... :)

17A, 1st Floor, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050, Penang

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