Monday, October 25, 2010

Tarbush @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang - visit #2

i had a surprising offer from Tarbush in a comment of my previous post HERE. so i took the opportunity to pay a visit to Tarbush again for my mum's birthday. i know my parents would be abit sceptical bout Lebanese/Middle Eastern food but because i've been there before, i believe they would at least enjoy it. got to be adventurous sometimes right? ;)

so we went there and it was the month or Ramadan and they had their Ramadan buffet going on. i didn't want the buffet but their ala carte. luckily they still served food from the menu. i found out that they also changed their menu. much better, more pics and explanation.

they first served us a plate of dates.
dad loved it though he said it was a bit sweet.

we had some starters which consists of hummus/dips for the light naan bread that they have given us earlier. my parents were not too keen with the hummus, but they did like the filling of the dips. the salad came next and that was lovely. it had crispy naan bread with of course salad, tomatoes, cucumber, turnips all mixed with a special sauce. i liked it

red bean and tomatoes


special salad

oh and i ordered oxtail soup for mum, she loved it as much as i loved it the first time i tried it. then came the mains. we actually ordered briyani chicken rice and lamb, but they were out of briyani chicken. glad we didn't replace the order cause we had too much food! (from the appetiser, soup and salad) and of course i also ordered the meat combo.

i wanted my parents to try their dessert, but they were out as well. i guess they must have put their priority to the Ramadan Buffet instead of the ala carte. so another reason to go back there again :)

Thanks Tarbush for the wonderful dinner. service was good as the last time and the food is consistant too. Keep it up! i'll be back for your desserts ya! ;)


Joseph and Joanna said...

cool dining place. :)

Shimmers said...

yes, it's quite nice, though u need to be adventurous in trying it.. it's kinda different... i still dun like hummus.. lol