Thursday, October 14, 2010

mum's birthday - 2010

haven't been spending much time with mum recently (both of us were too busy with stuffs) so i thought we'd try to go for a lil outing for her birthday. we were watching Little Nyonya on DVD and loved the show, realised that some shots were done at the Penang Peranakan Mansion. so i thought we'd go there to try to spot the places/scenes that were shot :)
i sort of liked it, the house, and uniqueness and the beauty of the Peranakan culture.

after the tour, we got changed and went for dinner. dinner was at Tarbush. i had a free voucher for a meal :) my dad joined us for dinner too. appetizers was a flop, we didn't really like the hummus dip, maybe we're not used to it.. heheheh but the mains were wonderful! the briani rice, the meats... yum yum.... we wanted to get some desserts, but they were out :( guess got to go back there again for their desserts

well i do hope my mum enjoyed herself, next time, will bring them to another different restaurant to try out... maybe Japanese?? hahahahh

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