Saturday, October 09, 2010

brief KL trip

this short trip to KL was some time ago. it was one of those times which i missed KL and wanted to go back to see some peeps, catch up and taste some of KL food. mum followed me this time, she too spent some time with her sister and caught up with her cousin while i do my rounds.. hehehhe
first up, lunch with mum and godma - godma suggested this place EuroDeli at Damansara Kim. i have heard of EuroDeli but never thought of going, wonder why. maybe i thought it was a sandwich place... anyway, yea, i'm glad she suggested this place... all they had was pork pork pork and occasionally some beef and chicken (not sure if they had fish though)

pork chop

snack : bbq ribs (yes.. it's a snack stated in the menu)

EuroDeli was for lunch... now after some shopping, driving here, walking there, we all got abit hungry and tired at the same time. KL pasumbur sounded like a good idea. i've heard alot regarding TTDI pasumbur and since we're just 5 mins away, we tapao-ed some home. and gosh, it WAS quite nice.... :D lovely! i never knew.....

godma mixing the pasumbur for us

after some catching up and a nap, i got ready for dinner with the Attic folkes (Ramesh and Chocky, missed Luna though....) and Sam. we met up at Frontera (Jaya One) as i've never been there before. thought of trying the hottest chilly but i'm chicken shit like that... :P so i went for their Chef's recommended burger.

Chilly Beef Burger (it's on their signboards outside and everywhere)
never had a hard time finishing a burger before.... YUMMY i tell u!!

Sam had probs with his as well... hahahaha

ever so funny Ramesh!

it was so nice to catch up with these peeps of mine, refreshing, funny and really missed hanging out with them... (another reason in wanting to go back to KL). thanks guys for hanging out with me. and i do hope to see u soon ya!

the next day i paid a visit to my Detailing guy, Albert for some car pampering :) so while he did his magic, mum and i had a KL breakfast, what i got was spicy pan mee (Kota Damansara - near ProDetailers). it was surprisingly lovely! we do have pan mee here in Penang but this was abit different, spicy yet not too hot and abit sweet i believe. just nice.

then mum and i headed to The Curve (while waiting for my car) and did abit of window shopping. Debenhams was not on sale so :( and we then headed to IKEA - of course! got a few stuffs as well AND got to dig into their meatballs!!! woot woot!!! what a way to end my trip :)

this trip was short and sweet. did what i wanted to do. next trip will try to meet up with another group of peeps.. AND try new places to eat. :) till the next trip!

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