Thursday, October 21, 2010

CHOICE KL unofficial visit

i met these lovely people in KL when i stayed over at Carol's place and when i heard them coming over to Penang, massive hayvok i tell you!!! hahahahh all i can say is that they've been FED WELL!! hahahah... up to a point that one or two of them had indigestion problems... ENO time! aawww... but they were alright in the end, no worries.

it was good to meet up with them again, good laughs, catching up and made new friends too, i'm sure whenever we (penang peeps) go to KL, we will be taken care of as well :) after all that eating we headed to the appartment that they were renting for the night for some drinks. well no one got totally drunk, everyone was tired but we did have some good (and not so good) cocktails... lol
the only 2 boys who came were good sports, eventhough the girls were just loud and crazy and well... u know... but it was nice to have em around, gives the group some different perspectives, so to say la... :P
and whatdya know!! they had a surprise birthday cake for Audrey and me!! so nice!! and it was my favourite cake from Secret Recipie - Chocolate Banana cake!! yummy!! i had like 2-3 servings... and tapao some back muahahahahah!!!

thanks girls (and guys) for the lovely company and laughs and cake! missing you already! hope to see you soon k! *huggies*

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