Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ProDetailers - Kota Damansara

i think i've written once about detailing... yes, sort of a new thing since i had my baby... and it's a wonderful hobby especially when u have nothing else better to do...

i met Albert in a forum and got to know that he's very passionate in what he does... and i decided to bring my baby and introduce Albert to him.... and i'm sure my baby loves Albert... eheheh.. (secretly, i think Albert likes my baby too! heheheh)

anyway, Albert offer lots of explanation on what he does and is very frank, he doesn't take your money for the sake of earning, he tells his customers what is best for them, and suited to their lifestyle with their babies... he also gives u tips on after care and what is good and not good... he also has his hands on the job and treats every baby like his own... which is good! he's not just some tauke where he sits at his desk and watch his ppl do the job.... (sometimes he skips breakfast and lunch!!!)

a very old friends car, which i haven't met for 7 years, and i met him at Albert's place!
(*note - friends car, still not done yet - major detailing - 2 days! fuuuyooooh)

so... to those who love to detail their babies... i recommend Albert... he'll give you your money's worth... :)

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