Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hawkers #1 in Kuching, Sarawak

when i got to Kuching, i was brought straight to the conference venue and i missed their Sarawak Laksa breakfast... so i had to wait till the conference was over to start indulging and trying Kuchings local food. finally the time had come and my lovely guide brought me to this hawker place. i can't remember what's the name or where but it's a wide open space, next to rows of shop lots and filled with hawker stalls and coffee-shops.

so, my 1st experiment was the Sarawak Laksa. i was told by the Penangites that it was a mixture of laksa siam, hokkien mee and curry mee... now with THAT combination, i got scared! hahahahha but nevertheless i tried it.... and it was, quite nice, though i would need to get used to the taste. after a few bites, i kinda liked it. i liked it that they used bee hoon instead of yellow mee (am not a fan of yellow mee - unless for certain dishes, yes, i'm fussy like that)

omg, can u see how big and fleshy the prawns? lovely! hahah somehow it compliments the dish. i was told that there were better Sarawak Laksa around and this was just average... hmm.. if THIS was average, i wonder how was the GOOD one tastes like.. hmmm...... O_O

and oh, i HAD to try their kolok/kolo mee as well. it's something like wantan mee in Penang but instead of soya sauce to make the noodles look black, this one was in a reddish colour. chilly? maybe.. am not too sure. it wasn't spicy though. THIS one, needed to be filled with char siew and minced meat... oh and occasionally some prawns... again, just like the sarawak laksa, there are better ones OUT THERE... woookay... i thought this was alright though...

oh and i TOTALLY forgot that beers in Kuching was damn cheap compared to Penang (but don't talk bout prices in langkawi ler....)


Nate @ House of Annie said...

It looks like you went to Premier 101 for dinner. The laksa doesn't look too bad. Your kolo mee is pretty special - got big prawns! If you got a reddish color kolo mee, then it was seasoned with some char siew oil, which picks up the red food coloring from the char siew.

Shimmers said...

Hi Nate
thanks for the info :)

ahh so the red colouring is from the char siew oil.... hmm.... :)

would love to go back Kuching again :)