Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunny Hill ice-cream, Kuching, Sarawak

have u watched those american movies where sometimes u see scenes in an ice-cream parlor? all they serve is ice-cream and nothing else? well i was brought to one that was quite similar to that, Kuching style though..

Sunny Hill ice-cream parlor is run by the good people of Seven Day Adventist Church and the profits goes to good causes of their church. this lil place just has a few tables outdoorsy type and it opens practically everyday from morning till night. so whenever you feel like home made ice-cream in Kuching, head down to Sunny Hill.... coincidentally it's on Jalan Bukit Cahaya :D

i'm sure they have other types of ice-cream dishes, like the banana split, peach melba...etc w but when we went there, we were too full to try out, but the cone that i had was quite nice :)

i thought the ice-cream itself was lovely, had enough of milk, not too sweet, just nice
*thumbs up*

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