Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hui Sing Garden, Kuching, Sarawak

when u start to plan to go to Kuching, PLEASE remember... HUI SING Garden! by hook or by crook, u HAVE to go there for a full meal, from appetizers to meals to desserts and drinks. sure satisfied one i tell you! why?.... i tell you.
now i never heard of this place till my friend cum guide brought me there and i'm GLAD he remembered this place! it's a hawker place in the middle of rows of shop lots and wet market (i think) and i think if u mention Hui Sing Garden to any local, they would know :)
so, for appetizers, you HAVE to try their satay, it's not like any other. they had pork and chicken satay. now these satay, to me, they're like tou yu (thick black soya sauce) chicken/pork on a stick and i LOVE tou yu chicken.. so of course i love this satay. and surprisingly it blends well with the peanut sauce!!

next is what i didn't try, cause i already had my mains elsewhere (i'll blog that later). but i heard the tomato noodles are quite nice as well. i'm sure there are other foods u can have here for your mains.
then there's THE drink. THE drink that actually made Hui Sing Garden famous (that's what i was told - feel free to correct me). it's the White Lady. say what??? u heard me, WHITE LADY! i was skeptical myself but with much coaxing, it was ordered for me, it looked good and tasted oh so wonderful! imagine having it on a HOT day? *swoons*
funnily after a few sips of it, i managed to get the concoction right! now, can you? i will not spill the beans here :P u got to try it for yourself

the red squares are just the glass design, not the drink.

dessert u ask? i tried this on my second trip there (on the same night but different group of ppl) and it was called Matterhorn. yup, weird name for a dessert. the history of the name and dessert, pls google and u'll find it. something about the creator loved the Matterhorn moutain and inspired the dessert or something like that.
anyway, it's COLD (like duhh) and icy and there's bits of jelly, cincau/lengkong, cendol bits and longan/laici - depending on where u have this dessert (it seems there are other places that sells this as well) its like leng chi kang but it's not. this one had lime/lemon to give that tangy "exciting" bit to the taste. again, if u had this on a HOT HOT day... u'll be energised after that!

ok, i maybe overly excited bout all this but that's how i see it, it's just too good to be missed!
am craving for another go right now, while i'm typing this...

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