Friday, September 17, 2010

Peanut ice-cream in Kuching, Sarawak

when i was in Kuching, there was a Kuching Festival going on, i thought it was a cultural thingy but the locals told us that it was more of a FOOD festival... now that's interesting, but then again, i had that image of local hawker food selling their stuff at the festival at an overrated price, and fighting over the role of Best Kuching this and Best Kuching that, where by it's actually not... errmm.. maybe that only happens in Penang... LOL
ANYWAY, we dropped by and whoa! this was HUGE! and there were LOADS of food. i'm not from Kuching, so i wouldn't know what's good and what's not. anyway what really impressed me that even at such festival, PORK AND BEER were sold there!! O_O omg, now THAT u don't see in Penang... not halal man!!! i started to get excited.. hahahaha...
i didn't really stay long as i had other places to go to cari makan in Kuching :) but no regrets dropping by!!

now i met half of the other gang there and they made me try this peanut ice-cream.. i thought, pfftt it's just any other normal ice-cream, just made in a fancy way... but with the first bite.. omg.... words cannot express the feeling i tell u! yummmmmmmyyyyyyyy until i had to go get one all for myself! am not sure where they originally sell it in Kuching, so maybe you need to get a local to help you find out.. :)

what i found out was that the ice-cream was actually coconut ice-cream, with a bit of grounded peanuts wrapped with poh-piah skin (i think it will also go well with crepes/pancake)

pics may not show how good it taste but, trust me, it's LOVELY!!

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