Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Sarawak

after the trip to the Cultural Village, Kuching, i was told to go to the beach nearby, i actually forgot the name of the beach that my friend told me to go to, but i told the van driver to bring us to a beach that's nearby. he was quite shocked as i guess he didn't expect us to want to see the beach. but i insisted, i said, it'll only be about 10 mins, just to see.

the van driver brought us to Damai Beach Resort, where if you wanna go to the beach (and is not a guess at the hotel) you have to pay RM3 (or was it RM5?) entrance fee. anyway i really wanted to go, never thought the rest would want to follow. so hahahah in the end the rest came with me as well :D

the resort was lovely! they had rooms up the hill (see pic above) and they had massage areas, watersports, and the pool was VERY VERY inviting! oh how i wish i could have a dip. most of the guests hanging out by the pool were foreigners. i then headed towards the beach. my my.... lovely!

it was calm, it was cool, and clear. i just had to get my CSFW pics (can-see-feet-water). the beach was shallow too, i could walk in till my shorts got a lil wet and it was already quite far in the sea, so that's good. u had no idea how hard i resisted into not getting myself all wet and just be in the water... but i had no change of clothes and i promised i would only take 10 mins...

i'm sure that there are other beaches around Kuching that must be explored, only wished i had more time!! next trip next trip... :)

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