Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yong Huat Heng - Brick & Earthen Ware Factory, Kuching

our sight-seeing trip started at a potery factory. was not too sure where it is, but it's a factory/shop. it sells all types of pots and earthen ware, also souvenirs and pepper products! am not a pot type of person, but this shop was filled with em, and what i loved about it is the designs, Kuching has very creative and beautiful designs - i like!!!

outside the shop is their "factory". it's open air under high zink roofs. i never been to a factory like this and i was quite amazed, pity it was a sunday and there were no workers working on it. so have no idea how pots are made. just could see the molds, tools, "oven"...
the final finish of the pots are also looking very beautiful, with different colours and sizes and different usages. vases, water containers, lil jewelry box, u name it, they have it (i'm sure). and i think all are hand drawn/coloured/scuplt!
don't worry about bringing these pots back home on a flight. they are very efficient in wrapping your purchases properly with lots of newspaper and cardboard. they even have tape made into a handle for easy carrying. and they said it's safe to put it in carriage. so if u're in Kuching, do try to find your way to this shop to get some lovely pots, vases, containers back home, u won't regret. :D

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