Monday, September 13, 2010

Waterfront Kuching, Sarawak

it's my first time going to Kuching and i've heard lots of good stuff about that place. now that i had a chance to go and know a friend who stays there, i thought it'd been good to go and see Kuching. the group stayed at Tune Hotel which is just at the start of the Waterfront (opposite Hilton) hence it was quite a strategic place to stay. walking distance to malls, restaurants, coffee shops and local bazaars.

i thank God for the good weather the day i went to explore the Waterfront. the sun was shining and had a lovely sunset to it. there were some breeze as well, which was good.

i love how the Waterfront was made in such a way that it's for families to spend the evening, health freaks to jog on, even dating spot for couples (young and old)

there's shis sculpture at the main entrance to the Waterfront and i thought it kinda blended it well with the chinese temple at the back... u know, modern + traditional all at one place

Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak

while walking along the Waterfront, i was told that there were cruise "ships" going along the river for sight seeing and lil sampans fetching passengers to and fro the other side of the river. we came across this boat. it's the biggest boat i've seen at that moment on the river. and it had a restaurant at the lower deck and a viewing deck above. u can see that most of the passengers were travellers. i guess, it's one of the things one will have to do when visiting Kuching :) it seems this boat goes from one end of the river to the other and back. and it can be booked for private functions as well... now that's nice! imagine having a birthday party or even a wedding reception on it? cool!

also another must-do thing here at Waterfront is to get on the lil sampan to the other side of the river. tht's where the nicer and cheaper layer cakes are, and also other local delicacies! yum... and also not just for the food, but just for the fun of getting on and off the boat. oh, don't forget to pay the boatman something for the ride :)

view of the Waterfront from the opposite side of the river

i think Kuching is quite similar to Penang, i mean, maybe not that many highrise building, but i don't know, the feeling i got going around Kuching, gave me the feeling of being in Penang. anyway, i think it's a nice quaint place. simple (but oh so AWESOME) food, lovely sights to see and people are quite friendly as well :) i didn't really have much time to explore more of Kuching, tht just gives me more reason to go back! :) so yea, Kuching, a must-see and must-do place! *thumbs up*

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