Monday, September 27, 2010

Peranakan Wedding Reception - The Food @ E&O, Penang

have u attended a wedding dinner that served you Peranakan food? i've not and this was my first time! such a unique and interesting wedding reception. just loved it! surprisingly the food was quite good too! thank God for that :) i wonder if the couple and family had a test before... hmm...
anyway here's a review of the Peranakan food served in E&O
the "4" season
~chicken lobak, seafood pai tee, spring roll, kerabu mango/cucumber, jiu hu char~
everything was lovely! loved the kerabu mango though, my fav!

salted veg duck soup
~just right, not too sour/salty, not too bland, am not a soup person, but this is one soup i'd take~

~chicken curry kapitan with man tau buns~
tht's right! there's a reason for those buns ya know, to eat it with the gravy AND clean the dish!

~otak-otak with seabass fish~
now this is something different, usually the otak-otak comes in wrapped with banana leaf but this was spread over the fish, interesting i'd say... though there's not enough of oomph with the flavour, but nevertheless it was lovely

~fish maw and sea cucumber, Nyonya style~
lovely light veg dish, to soothe the overwhelming tastes in your mouth AND to get ready for the NEXT dish.... heheheheh

yea babeh!!!!! it was gorgeous!! juicy and sweet and the sauce was lovely! yum meh!!!

~kerabu fried rice~
an interesting rice dish, this dish it must be thoroughly mixed (think lou sang style) to get the best of the fried rice flavour - quite nice, i liked it, but was already too full....
~longan with lotus seeds and ginkgo nuts~
good for the blane, the blane... heheheh lovely dessert to finish off the dinner

i really have to give it up to the couple for this menu, i'm sure it was carefully hand picked with much consideration. knowing both of them are hardcore foodies, i believe it was quite a challenge for E&O to satisfy them. in the end i believe they pulled it off! lovely, just lovely! *thumbs up*


Small Kucing said...

interesting. Have never been to a peranakan wedding before

Shimmers said...

yup it's quite rare to attend a peranakan wedding! it was my first too and i had a great time! food was lovely!