Monday, September 20, 2010

Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah, Kuching, Sarawak

the other group i was with in Kuching, they took the lil sampan boat across the river from Waterfront to get some lovely (and cheap) layer cake. i heard it was a home business but they had a room specially for the cakes and there were rows and rows of cakes on shelves.... i can imagine how crazy the guys went when there were there, getting full from all the free tasting they did.
they called me asked if i wanted any, so i placed an order for them for 2, one was cheese and durian, both my favourite, though i would love to try the colourful ones and the chocolate ones.. but, how much cake can one eat la! hahahah it is already RM10 per cake hahahha

i was quite surprised when my friends brought over the cakes. it was all properly boxed and wrapped for shipping! they knew we were not locals and will be flying back, so they wrapped it in a way that you can even put it in cargo! so yeay!! don't need to worry bout squashed cake! lol
here's the durian and cheese ones.


acura said...

I miss the kek lapis from Sarawak. I bought some during my visit to Kuching last time, it only cost RM10 each & were very tasty. Can't seem to find it in KL though :(

Shimmers said...

yup agree, it was quite nice though it can be dry sometimes. quite cheap too if you go across the river to the other side.

i'm sure u can get the normal kek lapis in kl, but the colourful ones, maybe not, i don't know :)

thanks for visiting!