Monday, November 09, 2009

Satay Celup, Ban Lee Siang @ Melaka

Ban Lee Siang is another satay celup outlet. i'm not from melaka but somehow everytime i go to melaka i would eat Capitol's satay celup and no other. so this time i went with a different group of ppl and we ended up here.
surprisingly this place was sort of packed though it was like 11pm at night. didn't see no line! hahah.. so we sat down and well waited for our lil plates and forks and drinks. saw the lady putting in the gravy but she didn't put that extra goodies that i saw Capitol uses... so anyway, was willing to try.
i think it was the mood and the tiredness of being the whole day out, that we didn't have appetite to eat. i had a few sticks and well, the gravy was not that bad but the crave was not there to indulge... guess next time have to go with an empty stomach and well, with the mood to eat satay celup.
if anyone has been there, feel free to comment on your take of this version of satay celup.

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